The following seven core values are just that – core. They represent our very best expression of what we are about after 13+ years of operation and are a regular source of inspiration and guidance at all levels of the organization.


Arête is an ancient Greek concept that is commonly translated as “excellence,” “quality,” or “virtue;” however, it has a holistic meaning that might be better expressed as “realizing your full potential.” More than anything else, we want to create a company of Arête–a company that maintains a great culture, develops beautiful products, solves important problems, provides visionary leadership, and is a source of joy and vitality to its clients, employees, investors, vendor-partners, and the community at large.


We have a deep respect and reverence for people in particular and for life in general. We admire kindness, compassion, and generosity; we do not tolerate disrespect or abuse.

Intellectual Vigilance

We believe that great breakthroughs at Telogical will come from combined intellect of all employees.  Therefore, we are very thoughtful about our work and place a high value on people who are intelligent, curious, studious, analytic, strategic, creative and insightful.


As an outgrowth of our belief in Arete and Ideas, we are committed to Transparency. Transparency helps the person or organization of arete live up to their potential by providing accountability. Transparency supports the formation of important ideas by providing the information that people need in order to think productively. For these reasons we like working with people who confront harsh facts, appreciate accountability and engage in productive conflict.


“CQ” stands for Collaborative Quotient. High CQ people combine extraordinary competency; a fundamental belief in the power of synergy; and a character that is open, confident, humble, generous and trustworthy. At Telogical we love, admire and reward high CQ people.


We believe that life is more about giving than getting; serving rather than being served.  Therefore we strive to prioritize the needs of our clients, colleagues, company, and community ahead of our narrow self-interests.


We believe people are at their best and most productive when they are happy. And though fun is not exactly our goal, we strongly believe that work is fun when a business is well-managed. Therefore, we make every effort to manage Telogical in a way that is conducive to happy living; and we enjoy working with people who keep life in perspective, take good care of themselves and bring that little extra spark of fun and mischief to the office every day.