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    This brief video illustrates the challenges facing telecom and cable marketers–in a competitive and sometimes confusing market–and how Telogical’s proprietary marketing solutions help telecom and cable providers add competitive context to their acquisition and retention campaigns.  The bottom line: Telogical helps create better offers, attract more prospects, close more deals and retain more customers.
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    a definition


    Incorporating competitive context into marketing, sales and support processes to increase the effectiveness of customer acquisition and retention efforts.

  • The Competition Aware Marketing Blog

    Attribution modeling must be competition-aware in telecom

    By Ken Archer
    Co-Founder & CTO
    Telogical Systems


    Residential telecom and cable providers are building attribution models to better understand how different marketing channels and campaigns contribute to conversion. But campaigns in telecom aren’t just ads, they often include promotions too. If your attribution model isn’t factoring in competitive promotional activity, you’ve got a […]

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