Research Cycle

When our customers have pressing questions about the competition, we respond with timely, accurate data in a format that most clearly provides the right answer. Our services are multi-industry and our data and tools have been used to support strategic planning, aid marketing functions, improve sales and retention outcomes, and forecast future customer behavior.

Telogical is a full-service data provider; from data exploration to delivery

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Data Gathering

We first determine what data is available, then use our refined collection capabilities to scale quickly and collect large amounts of data

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Data Verification

With proprietary data monitoring solutions, we ensure the data stays fresh and we alert you when key data has changed

Data Structuring

Data Structuring

We utilize a highly structured database that enables your data to be used by or imported across any number of platforms

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Alerts & Reports

Delivered via email, our daily alerts let you act immediately when the competition makes a change. CSV or Excel, our simple and clean reports present the data in a way that is easy to read and use



Our team of analysts cleans datasets, adds meta data, and combines multiple datasets from different sources, including your existing databases, to ensure you have the most powerful data set available

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Custom Software

Our team of experienced software developers can build custom software solutions, or help integrate with existing BI tools and data models, to enable you to better leverage the data and quickly draw out insights

Case Studies

We have over 18 years of experience helping Fortune 50 companies meet their competitive intelligence needs

During this time, we’ve developed a unique expertise in meeting a variety of data needs. Our skilled team of data scientists and software developers have established the best practices for producing and making use of comprehensive datasets.

We realize sophisticated companies expect to access their information in a variety of ways, so we make our data consumable in a number of different formats including: reports, BI Tool connections, batch files, API, custom software or widgets, and dashboards and portals.

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