Our competitive intelligence portals have moved!

Are you a current subscriber looking for access to our Residential or Business competitive intelligence portals? Telogical has launched brand new applications just for you! Both include all of the same, great content like our pricing alerts history, national and market-level comparison reports, and more, but the access point has changed. Please contact us directly via the applicable link below to regain access.

Telogical’s pricing data and daily alerts are a source of daily strategic and tactical insight for nine out of the top ten telecom service providers.


Key Features

  • Data collected and maintained using a comprehensive and proven research methodology 
  • All research updated daily 
  • Comprehensive product coverage, including broadband, video, home phone, wireless and smart home 
  • Components of every offer captured include monthly recurring charges, non-recurring charges, promotions, features, channel lineups, equipment, and more
  • Geographic coverage tailored each client's needs
  • Competitive coverage tailored to the needs of each client 
  • Data delivered in MS Excel format (if more flexible format required, see Telogical API) 
  • Data may be delivered in customized formats to facilitate analysis & reporting 
  • Daily email alerts notify users of all changes in competitive offers at the market level
  • Empower contact center agents with competitive comparisons, talking points and guided selling solutions

Please contact us at info@telogical.com or use the "contact us" form for more information about our pricing data.