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This week, we're talking about wireless carriers extending beyond typical device promotions in their efforts to acquire customers.


In the U.S., three of the "big four" wireless carriers currently offer a complimentary video subscription to new customers who subscribe to a qualifying plan. The table below summarizes in-market video promotions.


Permanent Promotion: Unlike common introductory promotions from traditional video providers (e.g. 3 months free of a premium channel,) these wireless video promotions have been positioned as permanent value-adds associated with maintaining a wireless subscription.

Consumer Value: At retail rates, the customer value of these offers, ranked from lowest-to-highest (rounded):

  • Sprint / Hulu  $8/month, $96/year
  • T-Mobile / Netflix  $12/mo, $144/yr
  • AT&T / HBO  $15/mo, $180/yr

Superior Strategic Position: In addition to offering the “richest” video promotion, AT&T’s vertical integration as a satellite and OTT provider gives it a clear edge over T-Mobile and Sprint’s straightforward video promotions by luring the customer deeper in its portfolio of products

  • DIRECTV and DIRECTV NOW customers permitted to get free HBO on those platforms under the promotion
  • Absent a video relationship, activation of HBO offer requires setup of a DIRECTV NOW (no charge) account, creating re-marketing opportunities
  • Unrelated to HBO offer, AT&T offers $15 discount to customers with qualifying video and wireless service plans

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