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When your agents can speak confidently to competitive threats they're more likely to win or save that customer. Telogical empowers agents with location-specific, up-to-the-day accurate, competitive data to ensure they have the information they need, right when they it. Ultimately, our call center solutions help you sell more, retain more, and discount less; making a big impact on your bottom line.

How much additional revenue can you expect by equipping agents with the right tools to win on every competitive call?

Input your own values in the fields below and adjust the slider to see the additional revenue for your company. 


Approximate number of sales and retention agents who work in your call centers

Average number of calls per hour each agent handles


Percentage of calls involving your competition

Average monthly value of each additional save or win

Helping your agents save and retain just % more customers could benefit you

per year!

  • We assumed that agents field calls for six hours a day
  • We assumed that agents work 261 days per year
  • We calculate additional revenue following this formula (bold indicates numbers you provide): ((((# of agents x (# of calls per hour x the % of competitive calls)) x 6 hours) x 261 days) x the additional win/save % (the slider value)) x (avg. monthly value of each save/win x 12 months)

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