Telogical offers the only solutions specifically designed to support the U.S. telecom industry's biggest challenges


Improved Retention

Better Close Rates

Increased ARPU

Make Sense of Competitive Offer Information

Enable your agents to:

  • See your competitive advantages at-a-glance
  • Get detailed information about your competitor's offers
  • Warn of gotchas like terms and fees
  • Address specific customer questions

Know What to Say to Win and Save Customers

tell your best story:

  • Optimize messaging for one-on-one conversations
  • Deliver statements specific to the customer's context
  • Have competitive rebuttals at hand immediately
  • Understand your competitors' shortcomings

Improve Video Sales and Retention

use the video sales tool to:

  • Conduct consistent customer needs analyses
  • Right size the customer to the best package
  • Sell more higher tier packages
  • Highlight competitors' channel deficiencies

Flexible Implementation Options


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