Questions About Cost

How much does your solution cost?

The cost of our solution will vary from customer to customer, but the price is generally based on your geographic footprint. This ensures the price correlates well with the value you derive. If you would like to hear more about pricing specific to your company, please contact us to schedule a call to discuss.

Can I purchase your data to use in my own solution?

Absolutely. We have a programmatic interface your application developers can easily work with.

Can I supplement my existing competitive intelligence process with your solution?

Yes. The modular nature of Telogical’s applications means they can work well as a complement to an existing system – adding information and value only where you need it.

How does your solution compare to the alternatives?

We are the only third-party competitive intelligence solution built exclusively for U.S. telecom and cable providers. However, customers often have a “homegrown” process in place to employ competitive data in their call centers. When our clients compare the time, energy, and money committed to their existing process, they usually find our solution is cheaper and more effective. Some typical benefits of our solution over “homegrown” ones include:

  • An enterprise-level license meaning you can leverage our solution both internally and with affiliates and outsourced contact centers
  • An ongoing investment in our solution to improve both the data and the functionality
  • In-depth usage metrics tracking performance and monitoring what your customers are calling about
  • A commitment to a strong return on investment for our clients


Questions About Implementation

What implementation options are available?

We offer three main implementation options:

  • Stand-alone: Web-based, software-as-a-service, fully hosted and managed by Telogical
  • Integrated: integrate within an existing desktop application using iFrames
  • Custom: fully integrated custom solution built on Telogical’s API suite. Additionally, we work closely with you throughout the implementation process to make sure our tool fits your needs and workflows.

What is the process for implementing your solution into my contact centers?

The exact process will vary for each customer, but we strive to make it as simple as possible no matter which implementation option you chose. Our 10+ years of experience implementing our solution into the call centers of the largest U.S. telecom and cable providers gives us the know-how and credibility needed to make the process virtually painless.

For more information on how implementation might work for you, please contact us to schedule a call to discuss.

Where does your solution fit in my agents’ existing call flow?

Our solution is designed to align with the core workflows of retention and sales agents and is therefore highly intuitive to use. Our ability to integrate with existing systems can make this experience seamless for agents.

Will your solution increase call handle times?

No. In fact, it may reduce call handle times. Agents often spend time both between and on calls referencing your competitors' websites. This is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Our contact center solution presents all of the necessary information, even fine-print gotchas, in a clean, consistent, easy-to-read format.

What is the process for training my agents?

Agents should be able to effectively use our applications after watching a series of short – each under two minutes – online training videos. We also provide on-site or Web-based training to agents, as needed.


Questions About Data

Where does the information come from?

All the information we use in our solution comes from a dedicated team of U.S.-based research specialists. This team collects product, pricing, and promotional data from provider websites, as well as direct mail, radio, and TV campaigns, on a daily basis.

Is the data accurate and complete?

You can rest assured that our data is the most accurate and complete on the market. As the premier provider of competitive product and pricing intelligence to the U.S. telecom and cable industry, this has been our mission for many years. Currently, we monitor and update product, pricing, and promotional data for 100+ companies in the U.S. residential wireline industry alone. Our data set includes not only the main products offered but also all add-on products and services as well as the associated terms and conditions.

In order for advantages statements to be effective, they need to meet three criteria: 1) they need to highlight a significant competitive advantage; 2) they need to be true only in certain situations (an advantage that is significant and ubiquitous will be memorized by call center agents), and 3) they should only be shown in the situations where they apply.

Our process starts by investigating every one of your competitors in each market to identify relevant advantages. We then work with your marketing team to ensure we understand your brand messaging objectives. Finally, we craft a rough draft of your Advantages Statements. These are then reviewed, edited, and approved by both your marketing and legal teams.

After the Advantage Statements have been deployed, we monitor market changes on a daily basis to ensure all statements are accurate. We remove inaccurate statements and identify new advantages that can be reviewed by your teams.

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